Instant Wall Decor. Vintage Frame Collection.

Super cute vintage collection of plastic?celluloid frames. All highly decorative .


One frame is a beautiful eggshell blue – green with gold gilding. Instant wall decor. Each frame has a lattice backing in plastic. 3 have glass fronts.


1 has the glass missing. The small frame has a stand. The 2 oblong ones are stamped registered designs, Made in Hong Kong.


A beautiful large Italian frame with flourishes,scrolling and gold gilding.


Someone has painted it with shades of mauve, yellow and aqua. It could be stripped back to show the gold gilding again.¬†Reads “Made Italy”.


I only have the front of the frame, no backing.

DSC_0033 s

Empty frames can add a touch of shabby chic glamour anywhere in your home or a group them in one colour.

All frames can be purchased from my shop Nostalgi  with world-wide shipping to your door.


Home Decor. New Throw Pillows.


See all my new throw pillows & more at Strazz

Vintage Christmas Gift Tags. Society of Now.

Thank you! Natalie Winter, fashion blogger, stylist and creator of “Society Of Now”
for featuring my Vintage Christmas Tags on your blog.


My beautiful large round tags are made from thick sturdy cardboard, aged in a dye bath then, baked in the oven and inked, to make even more rustic. Decorated with 1950’s Christmas rubber stamps. All topped off with strands of aged jute string to tie or hang


Each of my round tags feature a different design. Reindeer, angels, koalas, platypus, holly, retro family, sleigh, Christmas bells, snowdrops and vintage greetings.



Add a touch of old world Christmas to your tree, gifts, art books, journals, mixed media work etc.

French Mannequin. Gestural Drawings.

French Style Mannequin Drawings
In my house I have a collection of vintage shop mannequins. I use them for my art group, as well I like to I draw them quickly when I get a chance. Recently I created a series of quick gestural drawings and just listed them in my French style shop Atelierinparis

French Mannequin 123

Jenny Davis_ French mannequin 123

graphite sticks and acrylic washes on 180 gsm water colour paper

French Mannequin 4

Jenny Davis_ French mannequin 4

backed with beautiful vintage wallpapers

French Mannequin 5

Jenny Davis_ French mannequin 5

SIGNED and DATED by the artist

Gestural Male Torso

Jenny Davis_ Gestural Male Torso

(Unframed) Would look very “French Chic” in a gilded or wooden frame for classic French decor.

Click on each image to buy!

French Style. Refillable Journal/Notebook. Handmade. Recycled.

Handmade French style , refillable Journal/Notebooks. I made the notebooks from clean recycled food packaging, vintage wallpaper and stamps.


Loaded with crisp white paper. Once full, untie & refill with any type of paper for painting, drawing, sewing, mixed media, collage art or prose



May Every Hour Be Bright.
Size 5.4″ x 3.8″ – 14 x 9 cm
17 pages- 34 sides to embellish
Buy Here



Happiness Today
A French style handmade journal/notebook.
Size 5.8″ x 3.8″ – 14 x 9 cm
20 pages- 40 sides to embellish
Buy Here



Paris Notes Coach
Size 5.5″ x 3.8″ – 14 x 9 cm
17 pages- 34 sides to embellish
Buy Here



Make Your Day
Size 5.8″ x 3.8″ – 14 x 9 cm
20 pages- 40 sides to embellish
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Paris Notes Chair
Size 5.5″ x 3.8″ – 14 x 9 cm
17 pages- 34 sides to embellish
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Very Special Wish
Size 5.6″ x 3.8″ – 14 x 9 cm
20 pages- 40 sides to embellish
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Torn & Frayed. Hand Stamped Ribbon.

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon4


Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon1

Hand torn vintage fabric

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon 6

Tea and coffee dyeing

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon 12

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon2

Dried and ready for stamping

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon 7

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon5

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon 10


Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon 15

Jenny Davis_ Making Frayed Stamped Ribbon 14

My ribbon is available in my Etsy shop Atelierinparis .




Taking Stock for Today!

“Taking Stock” allows me to see what’s happening in my life and where I’m at in this moment. Its also lots of fun!


Here’s my Taking Stock for today:
Making : Little collages
Cooking : Dr. Cabot’s soup
Drinking : Lemon & ginger tea
Reading: Paris Made by Hand by Pia Jane Bijker
Wanting: To get warm
Looking: To complete my unfinished sculptures and paintings
Playing: In my studio
Deciding: When to take a trip to mums
Wishing: I could sleep better
Enjoying: Time on my own creating
Waiting: For my wood to be chopped
Liking: Sleeping in
Wondering: About going to Paris to see my daughter next year
Loving: Receiving mail art
Pondering: New art work
Considering: Going to my drawer for some chocolate
Watching: The days go by too quickly
Hoping: To get some art sales soon
Marveling: Others creativity
Needing: Some warmth
Smelling: Cat pee and eucalyptus oil
Wearing: Trackie pants, jumper, jacket, dressing gown and scarf
Noticing: Its getting foggy early morning
Knowing: I need to get fitter
Thinking: About bookmaking
Feeling: Content
Admiring: Other artists work
Sorting: My elderly mothers life
Buying: Art supplies
Getting: My fallen tree chopped
Bookmarking: Provins in France
Disliking: Politics in Australia
Opening: Mail art
Giggling: With my girlfriend
Feeling: Happy
Snacking: Sea salt chocolate
Wishing: I could do another arts residency overseas
Helping: My mum sort out her legal stuff
Hearing: 70’s music

A blank list for you to copy and paste…!
Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Enjoy your day!