Chirpy Birdsong. Thank you Jane.

A beautiful birdsong arrived in the post for me today. All the way from the US. Thank you very much Jane from Floridacreate for the gorgeous cheery, chirpy card and your encouraging words.




I love your website too and subscribed awhile ago. Enjoy catching up with all the things you are doing and the peaceful photos of Orange Lake are wonderful:)













Vintage Lady. Found Papers. Stamps & Nature.

Another parcel arrived today. Thank you Jacqueline for a wonderful mix of found papers and the little gems from nature. The warm colours are just perfect for our Australian autumn here and the vintage lady all dressed up in her Sunday best…she is just gorgeous and so, special.


Vintage fashion lady

Vintage fashion lady, nature and various papers



Nature rust colour

Nature rust colour



Vintage stamps, dried leaf, vinatge papers

Vintage stamps, dried leaf, vintage papers, handmade painted paper, maps botanical paper, patterned papers, stamping, vintage fashion lady



French wine label

French wine label

Almost time to spread out the huge lot of papers received from everyone’s generous gifting and create some art with it all x









Collage and Paper.

Thank you heaps Rachel ! Today I received your 2 nice surprises in the mail. I love everything and was amazed that both envelopes arrived together.

Lots of interesting bits and baubles to play with and the added personal note made me smile:)



Collage with layers of colour, whimsy and movement.




This delightful creation is already inside my latest Art Almanac mag.




The paper ephemera project has made me realize how much I miss snail mail and connecting with other creatives . It’s so much fun and brightens my day, so thank you very much Rachel   and everyone else in the group x.




Paper Ephemera Arrival. Thank you Adrienne!

Thank you Adrienne! I got your envelope today. I love all the vintage papers you sent and the red envelope with the large year of the horse stamp is just gorgeous. An open cheque too:) Thank you again!


Vintage ledger papers, blank cheque, card envelope, and invoice





Paper Ephemera Exchange. Betty and Joanna

Thank you so much much for the lovely lot of papers Betty and Joanna. I cant wait to start working with all the different papers received from everybody.


More arrivals from lovely ladies! Collage.

Thank you Andrea and Valerie! I just love the things you sent me.


Andrea Weber- Lages


Valerie Brown