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Contemporary Embroidery at it’s best!

I absolutely love  Karen Ruane’s work.

Her pieces are always fresh, exciting and full of loveliness and beauty.

extending embellishment mosaic


Even Karen’s sketchbooks are works of art and a delight to view.





All photographs are copyright to Karen Ruane







Old Potato Sack Books. Recycled. Eco Friendly.

Old Potato Sack Books. Recycled. Eco Friendly from Atelierinparis


Vintage Industrial Style Handmade Books


Old potato sack book,tattered and torn…


Rustic, vintage industrial style books, created from old Australian potato sacks, with beaut graphics.




Some have added scraps of text reclaimed from old tablecloths depicting, Australian places and wild flowers



Each journal is handmade and loaded with vintage papers recycled from an old business ledgers,handmade brown papers & tea stained white paper pages



All topped off with a tag written, Old potato sack book,tattered and torn…then finished off with a string or leather loop, with vintage upholstery button to close


See more books here Atelierinparis





















Xmas ready to go …wrapped & recycled.

Xmas ready to go …wrapped & recycled.

Copyright Jenny Davis 2013

Xmas gifts wrapped using mostly recycled materials and ready to go…


Crisp white bread tissue paper, recycled blue string, dyed paper scrap, vintage 1950’s rubber stamp

Copyright Jenny Davis 2013


Crisp white bread tissue paper, Xmas cutout from France, scrap pale green soft binding.

Copyright Jenny Davis 2013



Mums handmade vintage crochet doily, scrap dishmop string, French scrap card


Copyright Jenny Davis 2013


Mums beautiful hand-worked embroidery


Copyright Jenny Davis 2013



Copyright Jenny Davis 2013

Vintage French monogram cotton tea towel, found string, hand- stamped French tag

Copyright Jenny Davis 2013


Indonesian sweet bag, scrap pale green ribbon, Xmas tag from France


Copyright Jenny Davis 2013

Atelierinparis Wearable Art. Recycled. Assemblage cuffs, necklaces and more.

Atelierinparis Wearable Art. Recycled. Assemblage cuffs, necklaces and more.




Bonne Fete Trois

Bonne Fete

Bonne Fete Deux


Charlotte. Handmade French Assemblage Necklace. Vintage Textile Necklace. Eco-Friendly.

House of Haute Couture

House of Haute Couture 2

The Tiger Lily lot

Paris Chic Necklace. Bastille Tribal . Recycled Necklace. Eco-Friendly in Moch Browns & Vanilla.

Bastille Fleur


Bastille Mandala




Bastille Heart


If you are looking for a unique, handmade gifts for Xmas or any other occasions. Check out all my Etsy shops.

French Inspired Handmade - Atelierinparis

Vintage & collectables – Nostalgi

Original Art - Outlook8studio








Antoinettes Garden & The Muse

Today I sat by the fire all cosy and finished off 2 more wrist cuffs. They are all sewn by hand and each one takes about 5-6 hours to create . 

I usually like to create my cuffs as I go along, stitching and choosing my fabrics, threads and bits and pieces from little clear boxes. I make up little boxes of inspiration by tossing in colours ,textures and interesting little things into little seperate boxes. I then can just cart them around with me in one big box all ready to create. I save plastic vegetable containers for this purpose and use a large cardboard strawberry box, I got from being a picker, many years ago.

Each cuff is  (OOAK) one- of- a- kind , created using vintage, contemporary and unusual materials I collect in my travels. I title each cuff and will sometimes, write a little story about their origin, making them even more unique and special.

A huge “Thank you hugs and xxxx” to all my wonderful friends and family who also donate scrap pieces of fabric, lace and buttons for my cuff project.

You can find more info on my wrist cuffs and other things I create over at Atelierinparis

When Marie Antoinette wardrobe of clothes was ripped to shreds, she gathered the scraps of cloth and made poignets (wrist cuffs). She would wear them in memory of her beautiful home and gardens of Versailles.

“THE MUSE” was once the female figure deity, platonic ideal, mistress, lover, wife whom poets and painters called upon for inspiration. The cuff, a gift from the “l’artiste” to his muse.

More coming soon !

1920’s French Magazine Giveaway is Closed

CLOSED – You have just 7 days to enter my little competition to win 1 of my gorgeous vintage French 1920’s magazine.

Start                          End

30/06/2012             07/07/2012

In 7 days I will choose from the blog post comments left below who will win the magazine. Postage will be free worldwide.

How can people enter?

1- Leave a Blog Post Comment below

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( You may not recieve the magazine in the photos but it will be similar)

A collection of French magazines from 1920’s (65 in total) I got these from a lady in the south of France. Weekly magazines that were published for young women about World News, Books Review and History in the 1920’s. I only wish I could read French but there are some amazing illustrations and the fancy scrolled headings throughout. I’m not sure what I will do with them yet.